Hi, I'm Brendan Ciccone. 👋

Medoptic - Scheduler App

I've been working with Immertec for over a year now and this is the mobile app I've designed for our product Medoptic. This will take the users through a secure process to view upcoming medical training sessions and schedule them.

My first attempt ended up being filled with imbalanced colors and potentially confusing UI. I realized that in order to properly provide a functional app that served the users, I needed to reevaluate my design decisions completely.

Rather than have light colors serve this brand's blue background, I "de-saturated" the app. I wanted the brand's primary identifier to be used in a positive and actionable way throughout the mobile app. This is just a few screens from it, I designed around 30, providing a variety of states and conditions in a high-fidelity prototype.

Immertec - Website Redesign

I've been working with Immertec creating the next era of training through real-time virtual reality and augmented reality applications. This is the first redesign we've done for the website. I led the design direction for it and created it.

View it live here.

Haverhill Business Portal - Website

With the vision of Rep. Andy Vargas and the Greater Haverhill Foundation, I created a one-stop shop for everything an entrepreneur needs in Haverhill, Massachusetts. From licensing to contacts for various governmental departments, the business portal delivers on all fronts.

"The Haverhill Business Portal strikes the ideal balance for smaller local and municipal governments to emulate." - G2B

"The Haverhill Business Portal is a step in the right direction towards utilizing tech to show all that Haverhill has to offer." - Rep. Andy Vargas

View it live here.

California Tacos To Go - Website Redesign

This was a fun project revitalizing a an antiquated and unresponsive website. With the vision of the company's founders, we created a very modern twist for their brand with qualities like responsiveness to match it.

View it live here.

Flychain - Landing Page

I got the chance to do a redesign for Flychain, a company that is making it easy for people to get into crypto markets, especially those with Robinhood accounts already.

It's simple, but I wanted something that stood out and felt modern enough to coexist among all the other great cryptocurrency website designs out there.

Kontroller I/O

Kontroller I/O for macOS and Windows will prevent pesky apps from opening your inputs and outputs. Never again have a meeting app open your microphone randomly when joining a business call. Take back control of your mic and speakers with this easy-to-use app.

About Me

I have spent over five years finding problems and designing seamless solutions that fulfill user needs and surpass business goals for organizations of all sizes. I have helped these organizations in the fields of user interface design, user experience design, user research, web design, and marketing. My work has been featured in major publications, such as Billboard Magazine. My most notable project was for the city of Haverhill, Massachusetts where I created a business portal, giving current and future business owners the resources they needed instantly.

For over a year now, I've been the UX/UI Designer at Immertec where we are creating innovative VR training technology. I also run the official meetup group for Sketch here in Tampa Bay.

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